Can My Business Benefit From an After Hours Answering Service?

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Choosing the right answering service should put your worries at ease and help to create more success for your business. It is likely that between the hours of 9-5 your employees are busy answering client questions, taking orders, processing new client information, following up on leads and finalizing sales.  However, just because your employee clocks out doesn't mean that business is over for the day.  In fact, it is after regular business hours that nearly 25% of all leads come in. Missing those leads and mismanagement of customers can be costly for a business, and as a business owner, you should do all in your power to make sure that it does not happen. Finding an after-hours call center to serve your clients can help.

As you look for someone to help you manage your customer service, it is important to know that a good answering service provides more than message retrieval and forwarding.  Businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from an after-hours answering service.  However, no two businesses are alike.  Some businesses need assistance with lead management or call directing, while others need help with order processing and shipment tracking. Therefore, in order to be most effective, services provided by after-hours call centers should be custom-tailored to meet specific businesses and their needs.

Sales Companies

An after-hours call center can be beneficial to both traditional sales-based companies and direct sales companies. A direct sales company provides for multiple store locations and multiple clients by processing orders, shipping orders, and providing answers for clients of many different store-fronts.  An after-hours call center can serve a direct sales business by:

  • Directing customer orders to the correct store location
  • Processing orders while stores are closed
  • Updating clients on shipping progress
  • Providing national clients and dealers more proficient service

Westpark Communications understands that time is of the essence when it comes to your customer's needs and works hard to meet the needs of your business, including being able to use your CRM tools such as:

  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify

Property Managers

An after-hours call center can give property managers the luxury of time off. Something of which they do not get much of.  Call center representatives can be trained to understand the specific needs of the property management company and to follow their specific customer service protocols.  Additionally, an after-hours call center can dispatch calls to maintenance services, keep callbacks organized, and qualify potential leads for property managers

In relation to property management, Westpark Communications staff is trained and familiar with these Client Relationship Management tools and will use them the create the best customer service for your company. 

  • Lead Trax
  • Sales Force
  • Magento CR

Doctors’ Offices

Doctors’ Offices and hospitals play integral roles in the continuum of care to ensure that clients are provided with the care and service they deserve. The needs of their businesses are unique and very time sensitive.

Like many other companies, doctors’ offices face unique challenges with their clientele along with typical customer inquiries related to office hours and appointment availability.   In order to serve doctors best, a quality after-hours call center can be trained to assist with:

  • Appointment scheduling and verification
  • Post-discharge follow-up
  • Emergency situation determination

Medical Equipment Companies

Like doctors' offices and hospitals, medical equipment companies play a large role in providing patients with the care they need.  When a special test is ordered by a doctor, it is possible that it also requires special equipment that may not be readily available at the office or hospital.  It is in these cases that medical equipment companies play a role.  In times of need, these companies provide equipment such as:

  • Doppler
  • EKG Machines
  • CT & MRI Machines

If you are in charge of a medical equipment company, having an after-hours call center on your side can make sure that equipment requests are responded to, deliveries get to their appropriate destination, and that equipment is serviced with a sense of urgency and professionalism.

Lawyers & Attorneys

Law offices have a very high volume of inbound calls.  Along with inquiries from current clients, new business leads come in as well.  If the law office handles class action lawsuits, call volume can be even higher due to the frequency of related commercials or advertisements. With such a high call volume, it is important for lawyers to have someone after-hours who will do more than pass on a message.  For a law firm, a quality after-hours answering service will be able to provide legal intake, field specialty calls, and qualify potential customers.  Additionally, an after-hours call center can add significant value for lawyers by being able to book and schedule appointments.  At Westpark, service representatives are trained to add appointments to calendars using:

  • Google Calendar
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • PracticePanther Legal Software

Utility and Energy Companies

Because energy and utilities are businesses that serve literally everyone, their need for providing efficient, effective and satisfactory customer service is very high.  Calls are received at all times of the day or night related to billing, utility enrollment, and complaints. Additionally, utility companies need to have extra help on hand in the case of an emergency.  Therefore, it is important to have a representative on the other end who will manage the relationship with integrity and efficiency. 

Westpark Communications has been handling customer inquiries for utility businesses for over 23 years and considers it part of their expertise.  To best serve you and your clients, Westpark service representatives are familiar with the programs that your utility companies use such as:

  • SAP
  • iSigma
  • Oracle Netsuite

Manufacturing Companies

In the industry of manufacturing, there are cycles of business and times where products are in higher demands than others. During these times of influx, it can be beneficial to have extra help to field calls and provide quality customer service.  Even if your business does not have a busy season, you can still benefit from extra assistance from an after-hours call center that provides

  • Dispatch to on-call workers
  • Phone coverage while managers are out on the floor or out in the field
  • Question resolution for other part suppliers

Home Builders

Home builders have two parts to their job, selling the home and then building the home.  While selling the home can provide challenges, the most laborious part is building.  For home builders, a custom after-hours call center can provide:

  • Inbound call service during building
  • Lead management
  • Community-based customer service

Why Choose Westpark?

Westpark Communications is dedicated to providing your business with whatever it needs to succeed.  We understand that your needs may be different from any that we have served before, and we are ready to tackle that challenge.  With customer representatives that are eager to learn, ready to serve, and trained in excellence we know that we can give you and your clients the service you deserve.

Whether you are a large corporation or a small business, we want to learn more about how we can help you.  Along with custom services, Westpark provides custom plans that meet the needs and budget of your business.  Fill out the form below to learn more about how we can help you today!

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