What to Look for When Hiring a Legal Call Center

Whether you are a criminal attorney trying to manage your day-to-day services at a law firm or you’re a personal injury lawyer organizing a class-action lawsuit, one thing you’ll be doing a lot of is taking calls from the public. Clients, potential clients, people seeking tort representation, other attorneys, and many more people will all be getting a hold of you day in and day out. To save both time and money, it’s in your best interest to handle these calls in an efficient manner by using a legal call center.


Intake Services

Our core service at Westpark is to provide intake services for law firms and class-action lawsuits. Attorneys of all kinds will find themselves handling hundreds of clients every year, and that means thousands of calls, both to screen the clients being taken on and for existing client management. Rather than relying on one or two full-time receptionists for this work, it is becoming increasingly more efficient to use an on-demand call center service.

Call centers can provide criminal attorneys, personal injury lawyers, and class-action attorneys with full-service support that includes after-hours answering, client screening protocols, professional representation, and different rate plans for different services. This helps keep costs down and attorney schedules free for the real legal work they’re best at.


After Hours Answering Services

The need for an after-hours call service is paramount in a world that has largely become accustomed to 24/7 accessibility through the internet. While webforms and e-mails are useful in their own right, having the ability to actually take phone calls at any time of day or night will also substantially improve client relations and the potential client onboarding process. When someone has the knowledge that their call will be answered by a real human any time they call, they will feel considerably more comfortable using your legal services.

Using a call center to handle these after-hours calls not only saves attorneys the time of having to field these calls via a personal number when they aren’t at work, but also significantly improves lead opportunities, since they are not dependent on the time of day. By establishing a screening protocol with a call center agent, you will be able to rest assured that your law firm’s intake services are running smoothly even when you’re not in the office.

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Full-Service Support

Full-service means acting as a virtual receptionist. Suppose a traffic lawyer hires a legal call center like Westpark Communications to manage his or her client intake. What can he or she expect?

  • An immediate boost in efficiency and reduction of in-house costs
  • Legal intake services like client screening taken off her plate
  • Fielding of calls that meet her legal specialty
  • Lead generation and client onboarding during evenings, weekends, and vacations
  • Appointment booking and streamlined communication from the call center concerning scheduling

All of these services and more would be provided to any attorney who hires a legal call center.


Scheduling Appointments to Your Calendar

To ensure that client intake is happening at a reasonable pace and appointments are being booked appropriately, attorneys have numerous options for organizing the information that a call center will provide them with. This will allow services like call forwarding and appointment booking to take place in the most timely and efficient manner possible. Such systems could include, but are not limited to, using platforms like:

  1. Google Calendar
  2. Microsoft Outlook
  3. iCalendar
  4. PracticePanther Legal Software

In addition to this, attorneys will have the opportunity to establish exact details for the clients they wish to take on or turn down. This will allow the client screen process to be handled completely by the call center, acting as a communications partner and handling client intake with sensitivity and professionalism.


Other Services

The services we offer beyond generally answering calls and screening clients include management of nearly all forms of communication. This includes online management such as responses to e-mail inquiries, online web portal access, and web chat services. A non-exhaustive list of all services that any attorney should expect from their call center is, at a minimum, as follows:

  • 24/7 live support and call answering
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Message relay and dispatch
  • 24/7 live web chat
  • Toll-free and area code-specific call center numbers
  • Online web portal for both clients and attorneys
  • E-mail response functionality

These are only the most important among the many other services and efficiencies that a call center can offer that will reduce the in-house resources necessary for management of a law firm or class-action lawsuit – particularly during times when, e.g., advertisements are airing and client intake volume is expected to be unusually high.

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Outsourcing client intake for law firms is not just a good way to efficiently manage large call volumes and streamline the client onboarding process. One of the most common reasons an attorney or firm will outsource these tasks is to save money. For attorneys to do this work themselves on an attorney’s salary will be outrageously expensive. Even hiring a part-time receptionist can put annual costs up tens of thousands of dollars a year. Comparing this to the relatively low cost of a call center, usually somewhere in the low thousands annually, it is an easy solution for firms and class-actions looking to ensure their costs do not run high.


Why Westpark Communications?

iStock_000002756786_Double.jpgWith all of the benefits that a call center offers to any attorney, from criminal law to traffic lawyers, the question becomes choosing the right call center for your practice. Obviously, experience is key. Westpark has over 20 years of experience providing call center services for attorneys – but we don’t rest on our lawyers. We believe that variety of services offered, efficiency of communication between those who partner with us, client sensitivity, and a keen sense of professionalism are all just as important as our breadth of experience. That’s why we’re confident that should you be hiring a legal call center, Westpark Communications will be the right choice.




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