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For your dental clinic, one of the most vital decisions would be to have a phone call answering service that responds to all of your clients' emergency messages after hours. If you're unavailable to answer these phone calls, you’re surely losing out not just the opportunity to help, but the opportunity to delight. No matter how well your dental service ratings are, customers don’t like to be kept waiting when they develop an abscess or their tooth is cracked. So, why don’t you let an experienced dentist answering service staff be the receptionist that takes care of these clients making sure to address all of their questions and concerns? 


New Call-to-actionExpand Your Service by Putting Clients First

A virtual receptionist will answer all of your client calls and set appointments so that you can focus on helping your patients. This round-the-clock service is not automated. Customers do not like their calls being diverted to the voice mailbox of your clinic even when they are calling after hours. Don’t lose out your clients to other dental care businesses out there.


Experience Excellence in Patient Support

Convenience matters to providers in the service sector. For your dental clinic to be equipped with the latest-in-line call answering service means that you can have a seamless connection between you and your dental answering agents who perform the role of a virtual receptionist. The professional and personalized medical service will assist all your patients just the way you want them to. 


Benefits of Emergency After Hours Support

It is always possible that your office personel may be unavailable to respond in real-time during breaks, lunches, and when the office is closed. But, you can easily have a telephone answering service where your patients can always reach out to a live agent no matter when they make the call.  You will want patient complaints addressed quickly especially in case of an emergency situation as it is found that 89 percent of customers begin business with a competitor following a poor customer experience[1].


Secure Messaging, Spanish Coverage & Patient Follow-ups

Each message handled by Westpark Communications' HIPAA-certified agents is encrypted with our secure messaging feature. Our experienced professional answering staff will answer your calls in Spanish or in English. We also perform patient follow-up and referral services to make sure your clients are always happy!

We’re the dental virtual receptionist who takes calls on the weekends, after hours, or while you're away. Unlike a traditional receptionist, you don’t need to bear the cost of hiring an employee. Instead, we’re your emergency after hours answering service for dental offices and would like to show you actual benefits and savings!


Localized Call Center, Flexible and Scalable Service Plans


Westpark Communications is your local service center based right here in the United States. Our services are available non-stop with cost-effective and flexible plans customized for your dental care business. We offer the benefit of choosing scalable service plans that allow you to always be prepared for peak seasons, while scaling down if needed.

Choose a secure advanced call answering service that ensures you never miss a call while away. We’ve provided customer assistance solutions for businesses since 1968 and we help both small and big dental offices manage their phone answering loads.  




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