When disaster strikes, are you ready to respond? 

Learn how emergency response services keep the lines of communication open allowing your business to:

  • Maintain Communication During Emergency Situations
  • Continue Business During Loss of Power for Extended Periods
  • Have a Disaster Recovery Plan in Place

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How would you respond in an emergency situation?

It is critical for a business to continue operations when a major disaster occurs. Natural and man-made disasters — whether it’s a hurricane, flood, fire, tornado, mass evacuation, or terrorist attack — can cause major long-term disruptions to your communications.

If you're researching for a communications partner, make sure they are capable of having:

  • US-based facilities including backup and affiliate call centers
  • Westpark Communications has established both east and west coast backup call centers. Their call center is located in Northwest Houston, TX but also have a satellite location in Nasvhille, TN.  
  • A Secure inland colocation data center
  • Bryan, TX is located 150 miles inland and is situated in central Texas, placing it out of the path of destructive tropical weather. This is where Westpark Communications data center facility is safely located.
  • Redundant Technology that promotes business continuance
  • Westpark Communications' data center has triple-redundant power feeds, UPS battery backups, and triple-redundant diesel backup generators that guarantee a 100% uptime service level.


Emergency Line for Disaster Recovery

How do you prepare for technical issues?

Inoperable phone systems, inability to connect to the Internet, and jammed mobile phone networks can severely impede a company’s ability to communicate with its customers and employees, cause severe revenue loss and shut down your business.

Do your employees have the ability to work remotely? Make them apart of your business continuity plan and have a checklist of equipment that they need to perform their duties in a safe area.

  • Employee emergency lines
  • There should be a phone number that your employees can call in case of emergencies. Use this phone number to provide mass updates on office closures related to weather updates.
  • 24/7 live answer and emergency messaging
  • Do you have the ability to initiate your disaster plan notification process? Sometimes, it is better to have a live answering service as a backup to initiate your company's disaster notification plan.

Emergency Planning for Network Infrastructure 

How do data outages impact business?

The total cost of data outages have increased more than 40% over the last three years with outages costing more than $900,000 on average. There is a difference between the service quality in a Tier 1 data center with no redundancy and the service quality in a Tier 4 data center like the one Westpark Communications owns.

That is because Westpark Communications features:

  • Voice Oriented Network Configuration
  • Also known as voIP, this real time protocol transmits data with very little buffer. End result? Crystal. Clear. Quality.
  • Connection to Multiple Telephone Service Providers
  • Telephony service provider redundancy is just as important as Internet service provider redundancy as your calls are important to us. You ought to expect to expect more out of your communications partner.
  • Migrate Virtual Services W/ No Downtime!
  • Multiple virtual hosts combined with a fully redundant shared storage area network, also known as a SAN, allow Westpark Communications Information Technology Staff to quickly deploy new servers to meet customer needs, and quickly reboot any malfunctioning servers.

Emergency Answering for Business Continuity

Are Emergency Response services cost effective?

If your organization has a disaster recovery plan, or if it’s in the process of formulating one — talk to an experienced Westpark representative. We’ll explain how a full-capability telecommunications partner can augment your plan with 24/7 Live Answering Service.

Let Westpark Communications evaluate your Disaster Recovery & Business Continuance communications needs. Contact us today for a free with no obligation.

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