7 Burning Questions Every Property Manager Wants to Know 

Qualify Our Answering Service in Under 30 Seconds

We get it. Not everybody wants to talk to sales right away. This should answer any pre-screening questions in under 30 seconds.

1) Can you port existing numbers over?

- Yes

2) Can you gather maintenance details and classify based on severity?

- Yes

3) Can you assign a work order or "ticket" number for reporting purposes?

- Yes

4) Can you do call routing maintenance on duty?

- Yes

5) Can you SMS the on-call staff?

- Yes

6) What happens if the on-call staff does not answer? Is there a process to try again?

- The process is based on your protocol. For example, if we text and there's no response in 10 minutes, we call your back-up and continue until someone answers. Need help building your protocol into a phone script?


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