When a personal injury law firm needs someone to answer phone calls during or after business hours, Westpark has you covered. Our U.S. based agents are available 24/7 at a fraction of the cost of an in-house employee.

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Whether it is by referral, direct mail, or a commercial advertisement, one thing is certain: every inquiry is important to your law firm's reputation. While not every lead is qualified, every phone call matters. You need an answering solution that allows you to expand your marketing campaigns by providing a full intake service so that you can represent as many injured clients as you can.
What does full intake service mean for an answering company? It means providing professional and quality service and dynamically communicating with each injured individual who contacts your law firm about your services:

Reputation Resource Savings The Extra-Mile Opportunity 

 - 24/7 Live Answering
 - 24/7 Live Web Chat
 - 24/7 Email Response
 - Help with Overflow
 - Virtual Receptionist
 - Live Call Transfer
 - Message Relay
 - Voicemail
 - Bilingual Services (English/Spanish)
 - CRM Data Entry
 - Customized Reports with Caller and Case Details
 - Outbound Intake Interviews
 - Automated Outbound Calling Campaigns
 - Inbound Campaign Monitoring with Different Phone Numbers
 - Appointment Scheduling
 - Qualify Leads


Impact Every Injured Person With Your Time

With an estimated 44% of your time managing and marketing your law firm, it is more crucial than ever that a professional is available to answer a web chat inquiry from your website or respond to your emails.
On top of your marketing investment, if injured individuals don't promptly receive a returned phone call or answers to their questions, they are likely to search for help elsewhere.
Imagine how much time you will have to focus on representing your clients by handing over your calendar to a trusted professional that is instructed on what to look for before booking your time?

Save a Little Money Along the Way

The cost to hire an answering service is dependent on a multitude of factors. We aren't going to surprise you with hidden costs or require a long-term commitment (though we're certain you will want to stay with us.) However, to get accurate pricing, we do like to ask a few questions to provide you with a customized proposal.
If you have a few minutes, give us a call so we can email you pricing information just for your particular needs. Or use the form at the bottom and we'll contact you.

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There's After Hours Pricing Options Too

If you already have a dedicated staff during business hours, then there is no need to pay for 24/7 availability. We get that and take this into account when building your custom proposal.
Injured people who feel they have been wronged have complex issues and desire to speak with a human who can address all of their concerns, instead of a machine. Our staff will provide the same level of care that your in-house receptionist would do for your potential clients.
Although there are a number of questions that require expertise from a personal injury lawyer, there are also many questions that can be answered with the help of trained professionals:

  • Managing Inquiries from Campaigns
  • Missed Phone Calls During the Day
  • Managing Their Calendar
  • After Hours Message Taking

Not only do these issues cause headaches for law firms, they negatively affect success because they interfere with proactive business solutions.

Specializing in Legal Call Answering

 It's true, each and every business can benefit from a customized answering service by increased efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and increased positive reviews. And, although answering services have the ability to customize to any business partner, it can be beneficial to choose an answering service that has expertise and passion for your field.

Personal injury lawyers serve an integral role in their clients' legal issues. We know this because we have spent over 20 years managing the communication needs of law firms. In many situations, a client's well-being relies on the efficiency of their attorney to be able to provide the necessary communication in case something goes wrong. Clients get anxious when they have to deal with missed calls, misunderstood questions, or wrong answers due to a low-quality answering service.
For personal injury lawyers, the right answering service shares your goals for growth, reputation, and insurmountable efficiency. That means that the agents who answer your calls know when to express empathy over scripted cheerfulness, a sense of urgency over apathy, and the wisdom to know when to escalate or de-escalate an issue.

"For personal injury lawyers, the right answering service shares your goals for growth, reputation, and insurmountable efficiency."

When you choose an answering service, you should choose more than just a bill you pay every month--you should choose a partner. A partner ensures a smooth process for qualifying leads and relaying messages, understands your business goals, appreciates your struggles, and works with you to provide the service you deserve. Choose a partner, choose Westpark.

Never Miss Another Call

“I have been a happy customer with Westpark Communications from day one. The service is top-quality, my account manager is quick to respond and very helpful, and I even still get to call my original sales guy if I have questions! That is so impossibly cool, in my opinion. In addition, the call center staff is just flawless. We're proud to know that our callers are greeted with this quality of service.”

- Tuvi Ideh, Genie Concierge Company
Better care starts here.
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