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Patch Nurses through to On-Call Providers, Dispatch Calls to Doctors, Schedule Appointments, After Hours Help and More!

When you need someone to answer medical phone calls, Westpark has you covered. Our HIPAA-certified U.S. based agents are available 24 hours a day at a fraction of the cost of an in-house employee.

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Live Answering 

Whether you need support during peak hours, nights and weekends, or even on holidays, our agents answer the call anyday or time of the year.


U.S. Agents 

Be confident knowing that your customers will be speaking to local U.S. agents. We also offer 100 languages for multilingual support.


Rings or Less 

99% of all calls into our call center are answered by a live agent in 2 rings or less, and the vast majority are answered in just 1 making sure you never miss a call.


Years Experience 

Since 1968, Westpark Communications has been a trusted source for providing call center solutions to companies large and small.

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More than just generic answers and taking messages. A customized answering service provides customers with the information they need in a satisfying, understandable, and reliable manner.


We Dispatch to Your On-Call Providers

On average, healthcare businesses including medical supply companies and doctors' offices miss 8-20 phone calls per day while they have staff on duty and much more after regular business hours. For hospitals, the number is significantly higher. Busy phone lines, client needs, and the demands of the workday all attribute to this issue. The inquiring clients who typically have to leave a message are paying customers, and they shouldn't have to wait all day to have their questions answered. In fact, if clients don't promptly receive a returned phone call or the answers to their questions, they are likely to do business elsewhere.


Appointment Scheduling & More

Custom answering services have the ability to be more than just a human answering machine. Although a majority of people communicate with their friends and family via text, when it comes to healthcare, people crave human interaction. Clients with medical needs often have complex issues and desire to speak with a HIPAA-certified human who can address all of their concerns, instead of a machine. 

Although there are a number of healthcare questions that require expertise from a medical professional, there are also many questions that can be answered the help of specific training and quality resources. Currently, medical businesses face issues regarding:

  • After Hours Calls
  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Missed Phone Calls During the Day
  • Dispatching
  • Discharge follow-up
  • Contacting Providers

Not only do these issues cause headaches for administrators and office personnel, they negatively affect success because they interfere with proactive business solutions.


Professional HIPAA-Certified Agents

Medical equipment suppliers, doctors offices, and hospitals provide their clients with customized care, therefore it is only fair for their customer service department to be customized as well. Many medical businesses avoid hiring an answering service for fear it will compromise their integrity, when in fact, it will do just the opposite. A quality answering service will not only be able to provide the services you need, but will also be able to customize the services to fit a specific industry, business, and customer base.


Medical Groups - Physicians, Doctor's Offices, Hospitals, Hospice Care, Nursing Professionals & More!

It's true, each and every business can benefit from a customized answering service by increased efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and increased positive reviews. And, although answering services have the ability to customize to any business partner, it can be beneficial to choose an answering service that has expertise and passion for your field.

Medical Groups serve an integral role in medicine. In many situations, a patient's life or well-being relies on the ability of a hospital, clinic or doctor's office to be able to provide the necessary patient care. Doctor's offices do not have the time for missed calls, misunderstood questions, or wrong answers due to time-sensitive situations. For these businesses and the individuals and businesses that rely on them, the right answering service can literally be lifesaving.


Choose More than a Message-Taking Service

When you choose an answering service, you should choose more than just a bill you pay every month--you should choose a partner. A partner protects important information, ensures HIPAA-certified agents, communicates with you regularly, understands your business goals, appreciates your struggles, and works with you to provide the service your clients deserve. Choose a partner, choose Westpark.

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"Climate-Tech has been very impressed with Westpark Communications from day one . . . The emergency calls are immediately dispatched to the technician on call. If the technician does not respond after two attempts, it immediately goes to Climate-Tech’s management for direct action so customers are not held up.

When we have changes to the on-call schedule, I just make a phone call or send an email and their response is immediate, we even get a confirmation that it was completed. Complete confidence that our requests are being met . . .

Colleen Dawson
Climate-Tech Inc

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Improve Patient Care

Our customizeable script-prompting system for calls, live web chat and emails result in seemless client interaction.

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Never Miss a Call

Live answer agents are available 24/7/365, so you never have to worry about sending another client to voicemail again.

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Schedule Appointments

Not only will we dispatch your calls, we also set them up for appointments when they meet predetermined criteria.